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Monthly Wrapped

This project involved the creation of a new product proposition and supporting sub-identity for Spotify. I proposed to tap into the resurgence of vinyl records to turn people’s listening habits into a personalised monthly LP through a systematic design approach.


For this project, I noticed a lack of direction for many who wanted to start learning music production. I aimed to solve this problem by designing a product that makes this learning journey fun through a hybrid learning app and physical equipment box using an unconventional design system to draw interest visually.

Electric Ballroom

As the music industry continues to evolve every day, Electric Ballroom, the prestigious venue in Camden, has yet to follow such trends. I decided to conduct a rebranding proposal to give them a strong visual identity with a new logo, bold photographic content and a consistent motion graphical poster system.

Icarus Beats

For each one of my instrumentals, I discovered they connected more with a listener if they had a name and a cover attached to it. From this, I developed my brand style and techniques while also animating some, which overall boosted my sales and engagement.

Dot Origin

I worked for Dot creating graphic content for their latest product the VTAP, their websites, videos & promotional assets. I collaborated closely with the marketing team and with outside agencies on some projects.


I contributed to the storyboarding and did the post-production effects, motion graphics and music for an ad campaign for the French gym chain Keepcool. Through communicating with the creative agency behind the videos I was briefed on producing an energetic fast-paced instrumental which reacts to the choppy editing style.