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While working for Dot Origin I became involved in an advertising campaign for the French gym chain Keepcool, which was looking to show off its new door mobile access system using Dot’s main product, the VTAP. I collaborated with the in-house marketing team, other stakeholders, and an external creative agency to bring a clear message and captivating product to life.

In this project, I contributed to the storyboard of the ad, coming up with the main tagline ‘Cards are so yesterday’, various post-production edits, animations and effects, and the visual communication design. The agency also briefed me to produce a high-energy, impactful instrumental which fit their fast-paced visual edits.

2 month project

Storyboarding, directing, post-production effects, video editing & colour grading, motion graphics, sound design & music

Milanote, Illustrator, After Effects, Logic Pro X



The final product turned out to be a success! I was proud of the teams which all contributed as the ad fulfilled the brief and I was happy with what I added to the overall project.



An interview with the marketing director of Keepcool was also produced alongside the main ad which I created the intro and music for.

My trip to France was very insightful as I got to see and work inside the external agency’s office. This experience of in-person contact was key in completing this project as I was also briefed by them on what type of instrumental they wanted, which got approved and implemented there.