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Monthly Wrapped

This project involved the creation of a new product proposition and supporting sub-identity for Spotify. As a digital innovator, the company faces a challenge in bringing its services into the physical world. I proposed to tap into the resurgence of vinyl records to turn people’s listening habits into a personalised monthly LP.

I created a concept product that would deliver fully customised vinyls to my target audience every month, with the LP containing the customer’s top nine songs from that month. Each element of the product was designed to meet the requirements for collectability and engagement and followed Spotify’s established design criteria.

3 Month Project @ Central St Martins

1/2 of my Final Major Project

Brand identity, systematic design, motion graphics & physical outcomes.

Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

I created looping animated ads to accompany the product in a digital setting using the systematic design system I developed whilst playing off Spotify’s own identity and essence. Each highlights a key aspect of Monthly Wrapped, whether that be the personalised experience, custom track list or free slipmatt. I found these brought the project to life whilst also proving a physical product could have a captivating presence online too.

I decided to get three of the vinyl gatefold designs made by a manufacturer in London alongside a custom vinyl pressing and a slipmatt. These physical outcomes came out perfect with the eye-catching colours and captivating personal inside experience. The slipmatt also looked brilliant while spinning creating a zebra-like pattern in the Spotify brand colours,

As my final major projects were self-directed, I needed to write myself the brief. I wanted to explore and research why vinyl records are coming back into fashion as well as the essence of Spotify’s innovative brand. I also wanted to attempt to contribute to the problem that artists don’t get paid enough for their music, so I decided to have that as an incentive element in my product proposal.

I explored the visual identity of the product a lot in my research and loved the systematic style of monograms. I took this inspiration into the branding while also considering Spotify’s design ethos, taking into consideration my target audience. The gatefold sleeve acts as a ‘wow’ factor for the customer because of the opening action, creating a memorable physical experience tailored to their listening habits.

At the end of the academic year Central St Martins hosted my course in the main ‘street’ of the building where we had the opportunity to show off our final major projects. Industry leaders, family and friends and the general public had access to the show for a week and it was an excellent send-off to a great year. It was also brilliant for practising networking as I met and talked to many interesting people!