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With four years of professional experience in music production, I noticed a lack of direction for many wanting to start learning the subject. I aimed to solve this problem by designing a product that makes this learning journey fun through a hybrid learning app and physical equipment box with the necessary elements to create music.

Through my detailed research, I discovered that implementing an unconventional design system draws individuals in as they want to understand what they are looking at. I chose to use mixed media to provide an element of intrigue for those wanting to learn music, while using a combination of different graphic elements to communicate both the lessons and what it is.

3 Month Project @ Central St Martins

2/2 of my Final Major Project

Brand identity, unconventional design & app development.

Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects & XD

This was my first time developing an app, so I took inspiration from my research into how Duolingo makes learning languages fun. I came up with a ‘journey’ the user is taken on where they open the equipment box and then stage by stage create an instrumental using their program of choice. I wanted the lessons to be as accessible as possible so I made each section as visually engaging and simple to understand so even someone with no prior knowledge of producing music could create a great sounding track.

As my final major projects were self-directed, I needed to write myself the brief. My main drive for this was my connection to producers who repeatedly asked me how I started making music and asked for advice on how they could start their production journey. I was able to point them in certain directions, some being YouTubers or pieces of software, but I always felt there was a lack of a definitive choice when it came to starting at the beginning. Because of this, I thought a series of lessons would be super helpful, but to make it even more engaging I wanted to add that gamified edge.

Through my research I explored unconventional design and how I could use it to communicate visually, taking inspiration from artists like David Carson and his ethos of ‘use your eyes, not the rules’. I studied how to make the learning experience for a user fun and created a journey implementing all visual devices I made as part of the brand identity.

At the end of the academic year Central St Martins hosted my course in the main ‘street’ of the building where we had the opportunity to show off our final major projects. Industry leaders, family and friends and the general public had access to the show for a week and it was an excellent send-off to a great year. It was also brilliant for practising networking as I met and talked to many interesting people!