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Monthly Wrapped

I designed a sub-identity product proposal for Spotify which turns a user’s monthly listening habits into a physical vinyl experience. As my outcomes were mostly physical, I decided to create three looping advertisements for social media, giving life to the systematic design language I created for the project.

Electric Ballroom

As the music industry is rapidly evolving every day, I noticed that the prestigious venue, Electric Ballroom, had not innovated on its identity since its creation. I decided to conduct a rebranding proposal consisting of a new logo, brand imagery and motion graphical posters.

Icarus Beats

When I created instrumentals, I discovered each needed an identity through its name and cover art. I capitalised on the opportunity that I shared these on Instagram by animating these covers, which created captivating content to watch while listening to the music.


I collaborated with an external agency to contribute to the storyboarding, animation and music for an advertisement campaign for the gym chain Keepcool.