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I started working part-time for Dot in 2021, growing my skills and responsibilities in multiple creative avenues whilst studying. I initially started by producing a series of animated ‘How to’ videos with original music to accompany them for their product, the VTAP. As I became more implemented into the development of the product’s visuals I thought about a consistent illustration and photography style for the brand.

As well as using my existing skills I was fortunate enough to have projects come up where I was about to dive into new creative areas like videography. I found working for the company an extremely fortunate stepping stone, preparing me for my next creative job in the corporate world.

Part-time 2021-2024

Illustration, photography, videography, motion graphics, music production

Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects, Logic Pro X

As part of branding VTAP I animated short thumbnails to communicate the main highlights of the product. My animated videos, photography and illustrations are all available to view on the website.



I storyboarded, directed, edited, animated, and produced the music for real-life, in situ videos presenting the various ways NFC technology can be used with the VTAP. This video focused on how loyalty card stamps can be collected after purchasing a coffee by tapping a phone.



I also created another video acting out a shopping experience where a customer taps & receives a custom discount. I made this in 2 parts, first of all demonstrating the journey a user would go through, then showing how it worked through VTAP Cloud and Klaviyo’s SMS flow systems.



I animated an explanatory video for Dot Origin’s product, the VTAP. I designed these videos’ graphic visual identities to communicate several messages. I also produced the music to go alongside, timing the motion graphics to different instrumental beats.



I also animated another video explaining Dot’s latest VTAP Cloud platform. I followed the same visual identity to keep brand consistency and continued with a funky, disco-inspired instrumental so that these videos feel part of the same collective.

At times I also had to take some product photography which I designed to be in a particular style according to the brand imagery.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Dot and consider all to be friends!