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Icarus Beats

Icarus Beats is the alias I gave myself online for my music production, which grew into a brand I worked on throughout my time studying. I started my Instagram as a hobby with no clear goal or understanding of the music industry but over time as I gained notoriety for the beats I was putting out, I began to realise it could become a profitable venture selling instrumentals online to a variety of artists worldwide.

I consistently posted new music, innovating my sound, techniques and genres as well as improving my filming, visual assets and brand identity. Each track I made I wanted to make better than the last, so every 9 beats I changed the graphical style of the cover. Over the years I have worked with 200+ artists and thoroughly enjoyed bringing many ideas into reality.

Since 2021

Brand identity, music production, Instagram content, cover design, web design

Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Blender, Logic Pro X

For some of my beat covers I learnt Blender and discovered animating was a similar process to what I knew in After Effects. I loved using different textures and colours as well as different objects that amplified the meaning and vibe of the instrumental.

I designed every post to act as a visual catalogue for my music, each with its thumbnail or colour depending on the type of track but still following certain brand guidelines I set out for myself. As I began to grow my page I designed an instrumental store which complimented my brand identity through its layout, font, icons and colours.